Chaff & Co.'s corporate communications teams have offered clients a broad spectrum of services ranging from technical writing to public relations to training since 1984. Intensely personal service characterizes our business. We pay attention to the details to make each individual project a success.
We can be a real business life saver.

Our dynamic and creative teams of writers, designers and management professionals have years of hands-on experience. We understand changing industry needs and the challenges you and your company face in our fast-paced business world.

Chaff & Co. believes people and their contributions are the foundation of every successful organization. We extend a life line by developing ideas, training programs and promotional campaigns to improve individuals’ skills that make an exciting difference in the profits and conduct of businesses.

The Chaff & Co. team includes results-oriented producers who develop essential communication pieces for businesses with the three-fold goal of being informative, practical and enjoyable to read. Individuals have excellent communication skills, are effective problem solvers, and are very comfortable participating on client teams.

  • Team members may include researchers, technical and creative writers, trainers, public relations and marketing professionals, graphic designers, and illustrators.
  • Some team members are multilingual.
  • Additionally, experts are available with extensive practical experience in various fields (i.e., engineers, architects, risk managers, healthcare administrators, safety and security directors, computer programmers and software experts).
  • Regulatory experts include certified safety professionals, industrial hygienists, and public health officials.
  • Creative capabilities include graphic design, illustration and advanced skills in web site presentation.
Linda Chaff is the principal of the company and is an award-winning author who has written numerous books, manuals, and publications. She is energetic, fundamental, and works fervently and with her staff and clients to help them succeed. She pays close attention to details and has extensive project management skills.

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Total Health and Safety: The Competitive Edge

A sustainable solution to rising workers' compensation costs, workplace inefficiencies, and culture improvement.

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Comments to The Joint Commission
Division of Standards & Survey Methods
Standards Improvement Initiative

October 11, 2007

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Total Health and Safety for Health Care Facilities
Catalyzing Improvements in Employee Safety, Patient Care, and the Bottom Line

A unique and comprehensive guide, published by AHA Press and prepared in cooperation with the Joint Commission Resources, a subsidiary of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), that will help prevent employee injuries and illnesses; reduce the frequency and liability of workers compensation claims and citations/penalties from regulatory agencies; gain and maintain JCAHO accreditation; prepare staff for major and minor emergencies; and document the positive bottom line impact of improved patient care through a global approach to worker health and safety.

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